If you wouldn’t censor my hands, then why censor my penis?

3 Aug

Clothing Optional


Hey friends,

It’s one crazy world we live in—too much of society has become so married on the idea about nudity being connected to sex—a man’s penis and a woman’s vulva and breasts are sex objects. Too many people think that if a penis or female breasts or a vulva are shown, it is purposely meant to sexually arouse people. And of course, sex is an adult thing, which obviously children shouldn’t see. So this is what people think—naked means sex, oh I gotta hide it from the kids and I’ve always got to cover up if I am not having sex or want it. And because of that, whenever nudity is shown on TV or in most movies, the genitals and buttocks are usually always blurred or somehow censored. IT’S A CRYING SHAME. So does this mean no other parts of the body can also be used for sexual…

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6 ideas to spend the long Labor Day week-end NAKED!

4 May Featured Image -- 150

happy girls

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

We are just about to start a 3-day week-end for those who are celebrating Labor Day, by not working! It’s an ideal time, with spring blossoming in the northern hemisphere, to spend 3 full day sans clothing! So for those who might be clueless about what to do, here are 6 simple ideas for you to enjoy 3 full day of complete nudity.

  1. Pay a visit to your local naturist resort. Place a phone call, check if there’s some vacancy, pack your minimum suitcase and on we go! A great way to relax and enjoy nudity in a safe and fun environment. If you are a newbie, you’ll have 3 full days to get into the nudism mood.
  2. Throw your clothes away on Thursday evening and stay home. Whether you’re a home nudist or cannot go to a naturist resort, just stay home and get naked. You do…

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Sunny Afternoon

15 Mar

Nice sunny afternoon at Rhine River


Fruits of the Naked Yoga Challenge

17 Feb

Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga Alliance

I have been following and practicing the 30 Day Naked Yoga journey on offer. What an amazing experience it has been for me. I am grateful that this challenge is on offer, as it came just as I made an important decision in my life. Following this challenge daily has held me accountable to my practice and to spending quiet time with myself, being in my body and soul. As I invest in that time, many things come up, and I begin to look at and heal a lot of emotional wounds that have mounted recently. I can’t thank you enough for offering this. I’m even writing a post about my experience so far.” ~ Letter from Hontouniheart, a Naked Yoga Challenge participant.

Naked Yoga Challenge Collage

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Women’s favorite styles – poll

17 Feb

Women’s favorite styles


Time to close out our second poll, which asked the question “Ladies, what is your favorite style?” And here are the results:

In last place, with a mere 2% of the vote, is the vajazzle. Despite the media hype, the idea of glitter down under doesn’t seem too popular. I guess something that’s this much hard work is just for special occasions.
Vajazzle#6 – Vajazzle

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Reader’s post – adventurous in Germany

17 Feb

smooth shaven with butterfly string


A surprise message appeared in the Dropbox together with a picture from one of the women featured in my previous post “Extremophiles”. It was from the proud owner of the exclamation mark style.

She says “it’s me with the exclamation :-) ..I’m from Germany with a lovely pussy :-) “.

Lovely indeed, so I’ve posted the original here again, together with the V-style picture she sent, and her newest contribution, a Full Monty. Thank you, anonymous contributor, for all the pictures. We look forward to seeing what style you try next.

Pubic adventures Pubic adventures

UPDATE (12/17):
Our German correspondent has kindly sent another picture showing off another of her adventurous looks. This time showing off her Yul Brynner in snazzy pair of crotchless briefs. Wow!

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Reader’s post – variations

27 Jan

pussy hair styles


As promised here’s another glorious set sent in by an anonymous reader. This sexy lady shows us her adventures in pubic styling with five pics showing four different styles. Some of these pictures are very intimate, so for the sake of those sensitive souls who don’t want to look too closely at labia, I’ve put the more revealing pics after the break below.

These first two more modest shots show the same woman in two states of pubic primping. The style on the left is reminiscent of the ‘stealth shave’, except that the ‘cut off point’ is quite high above the clitoris, and the bottom edge has a curve to it, giving an overall shape like a Japanese folding fan.

On the right, she’s trimmed off more fur to achieve a neat little Square cut, which looks fabulous with those sexy stocking tops, I must say.

“La variété, c'est la vie, l'uniformité, c'est la mort." ― Benjamin Constant “La variété, c’est la…

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